Going cashless

At Urban we like to think we are forward looking and willing to try out new ideas but we want to run this one by our customers first.cash-small

We are thinking of going cashless, meaning we would no longer accept cash – we would be card or mobile payments only.

Our thinking:

This year, for the first time since we started the business, more people pay by card than cash, so cash payers are now in the minority.

Most of our non-cash customers either use contactless or Droplet (mobile payment) so its as quick if not quicker than cash.

Cash is expensive, the banks charge us for change orders and for banking cash. We have to pay someone to take the money to the bank which can take on average 30-40 mins each time. There are also more opportunities for human errors when handling cash.

For you, our customers, having to get cash out and carry around change is a pain and typically you are only using it for the small stuff.

Your opinion?

We would love to know your thoughts, please take our poll and let us know.

Do you think Urban should go cashless?


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