Your feedback’s the the filling in our sandwich….

Come Monday lunch time, you’re in for a real treat!

Danny and the kitchen team are going to be trialling some really fabulous new sandwiches IMAG3796_1_1across the emporiums which we think you are going to love. We love them. We tried them today. Jealous?

Of course we’re going to be keeping some of the favourites, you know, roasted chicken and walnut stuffing etc, but we’re mixing things up with a few more Spring-y flavours. Things like wendsleydale, apple and raisin salad on malted bloomer (drool) and lighter wraps for those starting to think of getting in shape for Spring and Summer – it has to come soon, right? Doesn’t Roasted Chicken, Cucumber, Peanut & Sweet Chilli, or Goats Cheese, Spinach & Pesto Wrap (right) just make you want to get jogging- or at least scoffing!


Don’t worry either if you thinking, oh Urban’s gone all fruity-salady-wrappy on me! Well no. Not true. If you’re that person who likes your lunch toasted and cheesy we have a new range called Urban Melts with fab things like German Salami and Smoked Cheese (left) ready to be pressed on the grill to toasted perfection….

We’re trialling these next week and would love you to let us know what you think, either on twitter #urbanlunch or on Facebook. Or you can even go old school with one of our in-store, actual paper, feedback forms! Simply let us know what you think and you could be one of three lucky people who will be winning lunch on us later in the month!

Urban Emporiums | 30 Church Street, Birmingham, B3 2NP