March’s Coffee Connoisseurs

Spring has sprung. Or at least it’s supposed to have done! And 2013 is now well under way. Whether you’re off to a flying start, or still struggling to settle into your groove, this month’s Coffee Connoisseurs’ subscription should be just what you need. We have two quite full bodied coffees on offer this time, but with two very different profiles accompanying that body.

fiartradeThe Guatemala Nueva Granada provides not only a mouthful to recite but also in taste. It has a full body and pronounced acidity. Blackberry flavours fill the cup and are complimented by delicate floral notes, creating a wonderful, satisfying taste. This particular bean is grown in the volcanic highlands of San Marcos in western Guatemala which is the warmest of Guatemala’s seven coffee growing regions and also has the highest rainfall giving it the earliest flowing of any area.  The altitude ranges from 4,600-6,000 feet with volcanic soil and a microclimate influence from the Pacific Ocean.  The annual rainfall is around 5,000mm and the humidity is between 70-80%.

Coffee number 2 is an Ethiopian Djimmah. Ethiopia is where the effects of coffee upon the human or animal physiology were first observed, and is often credited with being the true home and sole indigenous area of coffee plants. Coffee in Ethiopia is integral to its economical state, with 25% of the people relying directly or indirectly on it for their livelihood. It is the world’s seventh largest producer of coffee and legend has it that an Ethiopian Goat herder discovered the coffee plant in the 9th Century after noticing the effects it had on his flock. Djimmah is an inland city near Kaffa on the southwest coast. The revenues from coffee exports account for 10% of the annual government revenue, because of the large share the industry is given very high priority, but there are conscious efforts by the government to reduce the coffee industry’s share of the GDP by increasing the manufacturing sector.


This coffee from the Oramia Collective in Ethiopia has a welcoming, full-bodied taste. It is naturally low in acidity or sweetness, so look carefully for those smokey, dark chocolate notes and light acidity that lie beneath the substantial body of this coffee.

We hope you enjoy this month’s offering and we look forward to April and what we have in store for you then. Meanwhile, let’s get a brew on!

Si – Head Barista

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