A letter from a customer

We are lucky enough to get quite a few emails from customers giving us feedback both positive and negative and we always appreciate it because without feedback we can’t improve what we are doing. We recently received this email and are very proud of it, the fact that a customer was moved enough to write to us is a very special thing.

Hi there,

I would like to take a moment to let you in on a recent visit to your store that I think is worth a mention.

I reside in the Soho area of London but I occasionally visit Birmingham for business. As you can imagine, I am not a stranger to good coffee so I was sceptical about having any good coffee in Brum. I have heard good things about Urban so I looked forward to visiting.

In mid August I visited your Church Street store for the first time and was greeted by a giant mural and funky jazz hip hop music and seeing two baristas dancing and using the coffee handle as a microphone. This looked to be a promising experience. As I am used to having a Piccolo, I asked the barista if they make them here; after a solar sparkle in both their eyes I then watched the two of themrun to the machine to make it for me. Apparently the Brum Piccolo scene isn’t big, the Aussie chap explained, so when someone orders one it’s all hands on deck!

They explained the blend they used and method behind it. Later they shared a Rwanda Bourbon filter coffee with me, explaining the “awesomeness” of brewed coffee. It was lunch so the queue started building up but that didn’t stop a glass of water being brought to my table. As i was getting ready to leave, the Irish fellow brought me a loyalty card with some stamps letting me know to tweet or Facebook next time I’m in town and pop in. After that experience, there wasn’t a chance I wouldn’t.

I visited again on Thursday morning. I walked in and couldn’t get further than the stairs as the queue was very long. I thought I’d wait a little to see if any seats free up. I didn’t want to leave since I specifically chose this store as my first destination of the day. I could see the boys had a fair few orders on but this is where the reason for my writing had occurred.

They young man on the till waved to me to come around to a bench seat near the espresso machine where I just realised was a free space. As I squeezed through the crowd I heard a loud “G’day stranger!” from the Aussie chap I met last time, with a Piccolo in hand. As i sat down he handed me the Piccolo and a glass of water whilst making at least (from what i saw) half a dozen takeaway coffees in the meantime, continuing to chat with me asking me how my trip was.
Just like the last visit, I was astonished at the level of service I received from the staff here. Remembering me after 3 months and sitting me down with a coffee even though the queue almost seemed overwhelming.
I realise the independent coffee scene in Brum is not very appreciated, but I feel with a cafe like this in town, with staff like yours, that will very quickly change. The word is being spread in London as we speak.
Keep up the fantastic work and see you again soon.

Kindest Regards,

Urban Emporiums | 30 Church Street, Birmingham, B3 2NP