October’s Coffee Connoisseurs

Well it’s that time of the month again where some wonderful single estate filter coffee will be winging its way over to you in the next few days! This month we’ve got a fantastic Brazilian Pulped Natural coffee and the smooth Ethiopian Djimmah.

Indicative of most ‘natural process’ coffees, the Brazilian presents a bold sweetness of juicy red fruits. This is combined with a chocolatey body that carries nicely once the sweet punch of the first sip has faded. This coffee is well balanced in sweetness and body, and is not so light that it won’t withstand a dash of milk if you desire.

Secondly and appropriately for this Autumnal time of year, this coffee from the Oramia Collective in Ethiopia has a welcoming, full-bodied taste. It is naturally low in acidity or sweetness, so look carefully for those smokey, dark chocolate notes that lie beneath the substantial body of this coffee.

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Si – Head Barista – Black Filter, No Sugar


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