Live Music Friday 5th October – Pistol Pete Wearn

We are very excited to announce that October’s Live Music Friday will see ‘Pistol’ Pete Wearn performing blues based acoustic music on a steel guitar with stompbox from 7pm on 5th October at our Church St emporium!

If you want to get a feel of his music before next Friday, his début solo EP, ‘in glorious high fidelity sound!’, is now available to download free of charge from The EP features four tracks of old fashioned country blues, with Pete on acoustic guitar and vocals.

Pete has been gigging hard for around five years, both as front man of the successful barn-storming blues act .44 Pistol and as host of Stafford’s longest running open mic night at Joxer Brady’s every Thursday, but this is his first solo venture.

Before his appearance at our Church St emporium why not get to know Pistol Pete a little bit better…

1) Why do you think our lovely emporium will make a good venue for your music?

 I’m of the opinion there are very few places that wouldn’t make a good venue for my music, but then I am somewhat biased in that regard! I’m consistently disappointed by the inability of other music venues to furnish me with a good cup of coffee before a performance & I’m greatly looking forward to rectifying this. 

2) What is your favourite flavour cupcake?!

I’m more of a savoury person to be honest, cheese scones are the high point of baking achievements as far as I’m concerned. However, if put on the spot, I would probably have to say pistachio.

3) Who would you say you sound most similar to?

 I suppose I’m trying to fuse traditional blues & american folk music with slightly more contemporary stuff like the White Stripes. There’s a fantastic group called Rev Peyton’s Big Damn Band who I would like to think have a similar sound to my solo show. 

4) Who would be your top 3 guests at a dinner party?

This is a tough one. Should I name three musicians no one but a select group of blues fanatics will have heard of? Should I go with the erudite and entertaining, like Stephen Fry, or the big thinkers like Richard Dawkins? What will people think of me if I choose wrongly? 

At the risk of sounding sentimental, I really can’t think of anything better than good food with close friends & for that reason I’m going to say my wife, Gaz and Neil & Jess (if they’re a couple they only count as one guest right?). 

It should be a great night to start off your weekend and there will be plenty of coffee, wine and beer to help you unwind, we can’t wait!

Urban Emporiums | 30 Church Street, Birmingham, B3 2NP