New Art Exhibition at CS – ‘Not Just an IPod Generation’

It has been over a year since the state of British society was thrust under the spotlight following a spate of rioting and looting which spread from London to cities across the country, including Birmingham.

The city briefly resembled a ghost townand some questioned whether Birmingham would ever fullyrecover. Fortunately the local community stayed strong and we even managed to celebrate our second birthday with a packed emporium during the riots!

We are now delighted to welcome a new art exhibition to our Church Street emporium which is a direct riposte from the city’s young people to the damaging stereotypes that were strengthened further by last summer’s trouble.

Envision are a youth educational charity based at The Custard Factory and support young people to set up their own youth-led social action projects aimed at making a positive difference in their communities. They have produced a set of photographs called ‘Not Just an IPod Generation’ and each photo includes a thought-provoking description of why each student has chosen their image.

We hope you enjoy this powerful exhibition whilst you’re in our little emporium and hopefully it will help to reinforce the growing feeling that Britain may not be as broken as some people would like you to believe!

Urban Emporiums | 30 Church Street, Birmingham, B3 2NP