Graham Stubbs photography at the #JQ

If you haven’t been down to the Jewellery Quarter Emporium for a while,now might just be the time to pop down there. We have a fantastic exhibition on the walls from  local photographer Graham Stubs. Graham loves finding beauty in what he sees around him every day, both in the natural world and also in man-made landscapes. His collection at the Jewellery Quarter Emporium really brings this to life and it’s a pleasure to be displaying his work.

Graham says:

“What really inspires me is simplicity and elegance; reducing an image to its key elements. Using Black & White is part of that process but it is also about composition, describing shapes and forms in order to produce an outstanding photograph”

It’s well worth coming down to the #JQ Emporium to take a look at the work.  The photographs, which are taken on folding cameras made by Voigtlander and Ziess Ikon – dating back to the 1920s – and using traditional film made by Ilford, have an elegant and timeless quality. Perfect to stare at on a relaxing summer’s day wishing you were miles away.

We love this exhibition and can really relate to what Graham is trying to achieve in his work:

“With each picture, my aim is to produce an individual work of art, something of value that will last, something unique in a modern age of mass production. Something to be proud of”

“Something unique in a modern age of mass production. Something to be proud of.” Sounds just like a good cup of coffee, doesn’t it.


Urban Emporiums | 30 Church Street, Birmingham, B3 2NP