A Message from Frost and Snow.

How YOU can help the homeless this Christmas You’ve all heard Urban Coffee’s are throwing a Christmas/ Fundraiser/ JQ Headquarters 1st birthday PARTY that’s tonight right? Well Frost & Snow Cupcake Bakery has not only heard about it but we will be giving you the chance to decorate your own cupcake (with our expert help of course) …and we are so excited!!!!

Behind all this excitement and fun frosting sessions, there is a really important reason to this event…  Hopefully all of you are aware of Frost & Snow.  The last 18 months has seen us help 32 previously homeless people gain new skills, confidence and find a way back into work.  When I see the trainees come through our 12 week programme successfully, nothing beats that feeling, knowing you have given someone a chance and allowed them an opportunity to flourish.

Craig Finch our assistant baker is one of the successes.  What a brilliant guy.  What a brilliant story.  He’s been in his role for 6 months now… and he is learning all the time.   He has become a confident young man who can now run the kitchen better than me and he thinks he can bake better than me!  

 We are really lucky that through our journey we have had some really good supporters behind us like Urban Coffee Company who want to help more and more – which is fantastic news!  All the money we raise from the fundraiser will go towards helping previously homeless people get back on their feet! Come and join the party! 

Come and join something bigger. 

 Sarah x

Urban Emporiums | 30 Church Street, Birmingham, B3 2NP