Our Second Birthday

Well it was certainly controversial for us to celebrate our 2nd Birthday during the riots going on in Birmingham, but due to advice from the West Midlands Police we went ahead and proved that those thugs couldn’t stop us from having a good time, in the true ‘blitz spirit’ style!!! 

And we have to say we were amazed at the turnout and so proud of such a great community spirit that circulated throughout the night. Talk of us being like naughty kids who were grounded but had snuck out anyway was a regular theme and made the whole night seem even more special!

We had Vanessa Knight do a short percussion based set which was great and got everyone involved with various instruments (well, the brave ones/drunk ones anyway!) Whilst Frost & Snow  provided some fantastic cupcakes to share out amongst everyone that went very well with the free Pimms!!

Another massive shout out we would like to make is to our Urbanistas! They do an incredible job and we are lucky to have some very dedicated people. Peter & Cath our Emporium Managers deserve a massive well done also, for their leadership and hard work-we are extremely grateful to them.

So thanks to everyone that came, and everyone who wanted to be there in spirit-all you lovely people and all our lovely customers have been the reason we’ve made it 2 years, so here’s to a great 3rd one!!!

Urban Emporiums | 30 Church Street, Birmingham, B3 2NP