A New Espresso

So you may have noticed here at Urban we are currently trialling a new espresso. It is a blend of Indonesian Sumatra, Guatemalan Lake Attilan and a Pulped Natural from Brazil. We felt the need to try out a different Espresso mainly due to the fact that our previous one¬†was quite a ‘classic’ blend and we are trying to always give the customer a new experience. Our new Espresso is slightly sweet and fruity with a very citric finish…it isn’t the same as what you may find in London, as we know Brummies have a slightly different taste, but it is of a similar ilk. If you like your Espresso with a slight sweetness then chances are you will love this. The nice thing is it also works well with milk.

Hopefully this will be the start of us bringing even more Espresso to you guys! We always pride ourselves on being a full, immersive coffee experience and over the coming months we are really going to show you another level of coffee. We have had a guest espresso once or twice before with limited supply and good success and some rather good single estates to show off – Haforsa Washed, Yirgacheffe from Ethiopia was a highlight for most of the staff here who got to try it out and we even popped down the road to Saint Caffe to show Geoff and see what he thought! We have also really enjoyed the much revered (at Urban Coffee) Panama Emporium Microlot and if anyone can ever get their hands on it then you must because its amazing! Anyway please do drop by and try our new Espresso and tell us what you think of it… So far so good!

Also if any of you guys out there reading this blog have some Espresso blends or Single Estates that you think are absolutely amazing then please let us know…you never know what you might find in store.

Rich – Coffee Connoisseur


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