July’s Coffee Connoisseurs

Coffee SubscriptionJuly’s Coffee Connoisseurs has just been sent out and will be landing on people’s doorsteps very soon.

This month for your drinking pleasure we have Brazil Pulped Natural and a Rwandan coffee.

Here is what Rich our Coffee Connoissuer has to say about this months specialist coffees.


Brazil Pulped Natural

Lovely light acidity and medium body; very balanced. The flavor is what really blows me away. It’s very full with obvious fruit notes and a nice buttery edge . You will get a subtle ‘roastiness’ that fades quickly in the aftertaste. A gorgeous raw¬† unaffected coffee.


The cup has notes of bright citrus and sweet oranges, overlaying delicious creamy milk chocolate tones. This coffee needs nothing added whatsoever as the complexity of the different  flavours is so great.

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