The Science of the Siphon Coffee Maker

We all know making coffee is a science. We bang on about the ‘science of the espresso’ daily here (sorry we’re nerds and we’re proud) and we have a new bit of kit at the coffee laboratory we like to call our Church St Emporium. The Siphon Coffee Maker.

A Siphon (or vacuum coffee maker) heats water in a lower vessel until expansion forces the contents through a narrow tube into an upper vessel containing coffee grounds. When the lower vessel has more or less emptied itself the heat is removed and a vacuum draws the brewed coffee through a strainer back into the lower chamber from which it can be decanted. This process allows the Siphon to brew a truly full infusion style of coffee and filter the grounds efficiently. The Siphon brewing technique generally leaves a clean, pristine cup.

A light roast coffee generally works best and we have tried a few. We settled on a a Rwandan… And, its good!! Rwanda has a lot going for it: traditional cultivar and a good altitude. It’s a delicate coffee in some respects similar to many Kenyans, but extra subtle citric qualities, interesting aromatics, and consistent high quality make it a much more interesting origin than Zambia and Zimbabwe at this point.

Try this wonderfully fruity coffee made in a wonderfully scientific and lets admit it, fun way in our Church St Emporium from Monday 22nd November only £3.00 a cup.

Urban Emporiums | 30 Church Street, Birmingham, B3 2NP