Esmerelda’s Back!!

We’re particularly excited to get esmeralda back, she is one of the few single estate coffees on the market that we can’t get enough of!

Esmeralda is grown on the slopes of Mount Buru in Panama at around 1,100 to 1,250 metres above sea level. The Panama esmeralda is a relatively new discovery made by a farmer that had an idea that different parts of his farm may produce different flavours due to the varying climate and soil conditions. Through experimenting with this theory the farmer found that there was one valley on his farm that produced a truly amazing cup and thus esmeralda was born.

The only problem with esmeralda – we cant get enough! Due to the unique aspects and small size of the valley the yield is very small, only fifty to a hundred bags per harvest.

Esmeralda is a good strong cup that isn’t too over powering, smooth with good body, vanilla flavours that permeate the cup with hints of walnut and chocolate……. just typing this is making our mouths water, we truly cannot do her justice. You’ll have to try her for yourself!

Plus, don’t forget, when she’s gone, she’s gone, so why not buy yourself a bag to take home with you?!

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