Welcome to Hannah!

You may have noticed a few new faces mixed in with the usual ones this week. We are happy to welcome a new member to our team in the form of Hannah. So as part of her initiation into being a fully fledged urbanista we asked her to share some unusual facts about herself with us all and forced her under much distress to have her picture taken!

1. She once went clubbing with the presenter of ‘Homes under the hammer’.
2. If she was a doughnut she would be filled with custard.
3. She travelled the world for 4 years mostly tasting wine.
4. She lived in South Africa for nearly 2 years.
5. Even though she thinks she looks about 12 she is actually a very mature 24!
6. Her favourite food is cheese.
7. She owns a dwarf hamster.
8. She once killed a kangaroo…by accident!
9. She enjoys hiking.
10. She rides horses and loves the races!

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