Not So Fading Cadence

From time to time we have live music at Urban Coffee and back in January Faded Cadence played an acoustic set. We were so impressed with what we heard we decided to sponsor their next track.

Now we wouldn’t claim to be music experts, but we think they may be the next big thing and best of all they are local – all Brum.

We are not the first people to recognise their potential, see what others have said:

“These guys have pure talent”
Alex Baker, Kerrang! Radio

“Local heroes”
Birmingham Mail

“I think Faded Cadence could turn out to be really big!”
Andy Nash, Beacon Radio

Why not go check out their new Urban Coffee sponsored track called “The Valediction” on their MySpace page? You can also see the video of the making of it on their YouTube site.

I am sure they will be back to play at Urban Coffee again before they get too famous!

Urban Emporiums | 30 Church Street, Birmingham, B3 2NP