Our Coffee

in 2009 Urban introduced the third wave of coffee to Birmingham
bringing world class espresso blends and unique single estate coffee's

We believe we create the best coffee this side of the moon. we do this by focusing on using the best equipment, the highest quality beans, a roasting partner with knowledge & instinct and lastly and we think most importantly – highly trained Urbanistas.

Coffee Roaster

Urban is a long time partner of Origin, a small batch roaster based in Cornwall. Powered by the perfect blend of passion, precision, curiosity and caffeine, the Origin Roastery is where knowledge and instinct unite.

Origin buys directly from farmers, supporting farm and mill partners directly, which gives Urban’s customers full traceability of the coffee in their cup. They pay at least 50% over and above Fairtrade prices, without exception. They visit the farmers or mill representatives at least once a year – in El Salvador, Nicaragua, Colombia & Brazil. They like us are committed to environmentally and socially sustainable practices.


Our Espresso is composed of 57% Colombia San Fermin (washed), 35% Nicaragua Los Altos (washed) and 8% El Salvador Santa Elena (pulped natural). Roasted to both highlight the terroir of the coffee but also to create a final cup that is approachable, bold and sweet.

Region: Tolima, Matagalpa Santa Ana
Varietal: Red Caturra, Red Catuai & Red Bourbon
Elevation: 1,600 – 2,000, 1,140 – 1,400 & 1,450 – 1,800 masl

Nuova Simonelli Mythos One

Mythos One, the first on-demand grinding from Nuova Simonelli with “Clima Pro” technology, the innovative intelligent management of milling chamber temperature that ensures constant dose and therefore a better quality of espresso extraction.

La Marzocco strada av

Featuring iconic Italian design and user-friendly interface; For customers who appreciate the familiarity of volumetric controls and who seek repeatability and consistency in high-volume settings; Presenting the most stable brewing platform thanks to its thermal stability system and individual coffee boilers; Equipped for the very first time with High Performance Steam Wands that are always cool to the touch thanks to thermal insulation; Efficient electronics make it easy to personalize brewing settings and machine programming ensuring an enjoyable, comfortable and unique experience;

Urban Emporiums | 30 Church Street, Birmingham, B3 2NP