We are kind of a bit in with our customers and here is why:

  • Your kind words bring us laughter and sometimes they even cause happy tears.
  • You enjoy our banter as we make your coffee
  • You have discerning taste's for coffee & food
  • You interact with us on Social Media
  • You visit us every day, even on the weekend
  • You let us know when we get it wrong & when we get it right

even more love ...

Urban V.I.P​

For those special customers we have our secret V.I.P club, with extra loyalty. We have our standard buy 9 coffees get 1 free loyalty card scheme, the type you have 3 or 4 of in your purse, this is not that. This is much better

Our VIP club members get

a free coffee for every 4 points (1 point = 1 coffee)

free merchandise

special offers

event discounts

How to join the V.I.P Club?

Our V.I.P card has gone all tech, you register using the button below and you are allocated a 4-digit pin that you will use when you visit. When you have claimed 5 free drinks on the standard loyalty scheme you will automatically be upgraded to V.I.P status.

How to collect stamps?


Walk into an Urban Emporium order your drinks and say you are a V.I.P Member. The Urbanista will ask for your 4 digit- PIN


They will add your points and let you know if you can claim a free drink


You will automatically be sent an email and text message with your current points count.


Q – I am already a V.I.P Member and have a paper card

A – No problem, complete your current paper cards and once complete you can start using your PIN

Q- I  can’t remember PIN’s?

A- Don’t worry we provide a physical V.I.P card so you can write your number on the back and keep in your purse/wallet