Warning! We discriminate, we only take the best.

Why work at Urban

Urban has been pioneering the independent cafe experience since 2009 and has led that drive in the West Midlands. This is more than just a job this is a calling to build a food & drink experience that gives each customer a WoW moment each time they visit one of our emporiums.

Unlike our larger competitors, we empower our urbanistas (what we call our colleagues) to do the “little” things that go above and beyond and create a memorable experience for each customer.

As a member of the Urban team you are pivotal to those customer WoW moments, in fact without you they can’t happen. What we know is that happy staff = happy customers so we do a lot to make your job fulfilling.

Our Purpose

To create WoW moments

What we look for...

You’re the person working on the front line! You’re serving up the best coffee this side of the moon!

You are the person who remembers people’s drinks, you know where they’re going on holiday and you chase them down the road in the rain when they leave their debit card in the machine (doh!!).

You are the type of person who is always annoyingly happy and smiling even when it’s raining.

You are the sort of person who is confident starting a conversation with a customer and sharing your passion for the food & drink we serve.

Now ask yourself – does that sound like you?

Warning we discriminate, we only take the best

We want Happy People who enjoy Making other People Happy

Urban Values

These are the values that we live by:

  • Honest
  • Independent
  • Generous
  • Loyal
  • Responsible
  • Happy

Urban Behaviours

Behaviours are how we bring our values to life in every interaction:

  • Deliver & recognise WOW moments
  • Reward loyalty
  • Care personally & challenge directly
  • Desire to learn and progress
  • Act like you own the place
  • Create fun and playfulness

Urban at Work

We have a variety of roles at Urban with plenty of opportunity for training and growth. Whether you are a front of house star or a back of house champion we have a role for you to share your passion with us and our customers.

Front of House

  • Junior Urbanista
  • Urbanista
  • Senior Urbanista
  • Head Barista


  • Area Manager
  • Emporium Manager
  • Assistant Emporium Manager


  • Kitchen Area Manager
  • Kitchen Manager
  • Kitchen Supervisor
  • Kitchenista


Here are the payscales for the various job roles at Urban:


£ 9.65 Hourly


£ 8.35 Hourly


£ 8.95 Hourly


£ 9.45 Hourly


£ 8.55 Hourly


Assistant Manager
£ 8.65 Hourly


£ 8.21 Hourly


£ 8.35 Hourly


We take training very seriously because we hire for attitude and not experience. Whatever level you join us at we have a training programme to give you the skills you need to be confident at your job.

Alongside our formal training there is plenty of other opportunities such as our coffee cupping events, trips to the roastery and London coffee crawls.


It’s not just about the pay, we want our urbanista’s to feel acknowledged for the good work they are doing, sometimes that’s a simple thank you. Other times it’s a reward. Every member of staff gets unlimited coffee during their shift and a 25% discount on food (when working).

On top of these every day perks, we also have a reward scheme in place that is directly linked to your job role. So as you progress through your training and get promoted you earn more Urban Swag (Urban Pen, Urban Tote Bag, Urban Reusable Cup, Urban Umbrella)

The longer you stay with us the more rewards you get.

Urban at Play

Teams that play together stay together that’s why we created the Emporium bonus that can be used for a team night out. Whether it’s a night out for drinks or a team event like bowling we think getting to know each other is important

Apply for a job

Email your preferred location with a cover letter and CV.