About Urban

Urban Emporiums are located in various districts of cities outside London and provide fantastic coffee roasted by the lovely guys at Origin as well as awesome home-made food.

Urban’s whole life revolves around creating a unique experience for the customer. It goes without saying that our coffee is the best this side of the moon. We have created a “wine tasting for coffee” experience that’s not available anywhere else on the high street or online. But that’s not enough; we want the customer to be at the centre of everything we do so imagine this;

In our cafe emporiums our Urbanistas (what we call our Baristas) are people who are naturally happy, friendly and smiley who enjoy their jobs (We hire them like that – they are harder to find than you think). Our Urbanistas remember our customer’s names and their usual drink order so the customer feels at home and loved and best of all they have the experience to make you a great coffee.

Our Story

Simon, Hannah & Amir

Amir & Simon have been in IT for over 10 years and until starting the Urban Coffee Company knew nothing about retailing coffee.

Both of them have spent a lot of time in London and have enjoyed some great independent coffee shops, but have always struggled to find a decent cup of coffee outside of London. They felt that the high street coffee chains had become the fast food equivalent of the coffee world and that customers deserved and wanted better. The UK has come a long way with coffee in the last 20 years, from polystyrene cups all the way to a fairly sophisticated understanding of coffee. However, they felt it could be taken up another notch and that was their intent; think wine tasting meets coffee.

So, with this in mind, they decided that the only way to get a decent cup was to start their own place. They then decided they needed someone to take on the day to day running as well as help grow the business and this is where Hannah, the M.D. came in and so, the Urban Coffee Company was born.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Coffee beans.
We at Urban will have a positive impact on our community, which includes employees, suppliers, customers, the environment and the people of the cities in which we operate. We will make a difference and have fun doing it.