Colouring Club @ CS

colouring clubThe Art of Colouring In

We’re very pleased to announce our Church St store is hosting a second colouring in event!

Colouring for adults has become increasingly popular as we live in an age of information overload  where it is too easy to drift along from one thing to the next without really appreciating the present moment. Colouring in is a mindful activity that allows the mind to still and brings you into a state of ‘flow’ (similar to when you are ‘in the flow’ during exercise) where you can relax and just be present.
The effect of this has also been shown to decrease stress and anxiety as well as improving concentration levels.

This is a club where people can meet, chat and colour in together while having a coffee and creating something beautiful.

Join us on Saturday 16th April from 2pm!


Urban Emporiums | 30 Church Street, Birmingham, B3 2NP