April’s Guest Filter Coffee

Each month the team at Urban brings you a new exceptional coffee to try from somewhere around the world.

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Villa Karina – Colombia

Here’s what our roasters at Origin have to say about the farm and the story behind this bean:

‘Tolima is one of the most celebrated coffee growing regions in the world. Countless Cup of Excellence winners and national barista competition winning coffees are from there. Many of the best growing areas are mirrors of places like Planadas in Tolima where Jose Garzon has his farm. They’re mountainous regions where you can easily get lost in the countless hills and valleys; these places produce unique microclimates so neighbouring small hold farmers can end up producing coffees that taste like they’re from different countries.

image (70)We tasted Jose Garzon’s coffee for the first time on our cupping table at the Roastery. Having recently featured many delicious East African coffees we wanted to showcase another incredible Latin American producer. We were struck by Jose’s coffee and how complex, sweet and gently is was which not only made it incredibly easy to drink but incredibly refreshing.

Jose’s farm is a glimpse into the traditional ways of producing coffee which, although can often be improved through innovation, can also yield delicious results. The small five hectare farm allows Jose to manage closely to ensure a consistent and ideal picking. The coffee is then de-pulped using an old Zaranda de-pulper and dried slowly on a covered bed for fourteen days.

How does it taste?image (69)

A fully washed bean with a medium and juicy body. The main notes are blackcurrant, candied lime, and nougat. A very refreshing cup with gently citric acidity.

Kerry says, “A super tasty coffee that’s almost orange in colour. The candied citrus is the real stand out flavour note here.”


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