February’s Guest Filter Coffee

image (52)Each month the team at Urban brings you a new exceptional coffee to try from somewhere around the world.

Nefas – Ethiopia

Here’s what our roasters at Origin have to say about the farm and the story behind this bean:

‘From the winner of the 2011 African Fine Coffee Awards is this impressive number, with deliciously complex notes and an intense clarity of flavour.
The Nefas farm is located in the Sidama region, about 514km from Ethiopia’s capital city Addis Ababa. The farm started to produce coffee in early 2000 and consists of 200 hectares planted with coffee trees, which is a considerable size for Ethiopia, where the average plot size is under 2 hectares. At the washing station, the coffee is de-pulped and then placed in fermentation tanks for 35-48 hours to remove the mucilage before drying on raised beds. Accommodation, free food and medical care are all provided to the workers.’

How does it taste? image (51)

Sipping Nefas, the first notes you experience are jasmine, white peach and blueberry – the jasmine flavour then dissipates as chocolate notes begin to build alongside the orangey bergamot flavour.

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