Robert Shuttleworth Exhibition @ Fargo

Our Fargo Village emporium is proud to present a brand new exhibition by photographer Robert Shuttleworth.

IMG_0732_2An exhibition of images of abandoned buildings and forgotten places, mainly in Germany and Belgium, by local photographer Robert Shuttleworth. As a geographer he is fascinated by changes to the landscape, whether wild landscapes or urban scenes and how those places left behind rot and crumble, and how they are appropriated for other uses. But love must flourish amongst these places for there are a surprising number of graffiti hearts drawn on the walls. In time for Valentine’s day there will be a number of these images for sale!

Robert has been taking photographs for a long time,  but recently has  been sharpening his eye on man made landscapes, urban scenes and abandoned places. He has exhibited during the Warwickshire Open Studios, at the Mitchell Gallery in Warwick and his work has appeared in a number of publications.

The exhibition begins on 16th of January and will run until 14th February.

You can check out Robert’s website here or follow him on twitter.

Urban Emporiums | 30 Church Street, Birmingham, B3 2NP