January’s Guest Filter

Each month the team at Urban brings you a new exceptional coffee to try from somewhere around the world.

GatIMG_3983ura – Kenya
Here’s what our roasters at Origin have to say about the farm and the story behind this bean:

‘Selected by two of our team – Jesse Dodkins and TJ Greenall – as their UKBC 2016 coffees, Gatura is something pretty special.

Gatura (a Kikuyu name for a medicinal shrub) is produced by around 300 farmers who form the Rumukia Cooperative. Their coffee is grown on small plots (on average less than an acre) in the highly prized, rich volcanic soil in the Southern area of Mount Kenya. The ripe coffee cherries are picked and then taken to the Gatura Factory, one of the Cooperative’s mills, for wet milling. The coffee is de-pulped, fermented in tanks and washed using fresh river water from the Iguathare Springs. The coffee beans are then sundried on raised beds.’

How does it taste? image1 (2)

This washed bean produces a silky cup with a big body and clean finish. Flavour notes of strawberry, nectarine, milk chocolate and currant.

Try it as a V6o or Aeropress in any of our emporiums now!

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