World AIDS Day Film Night @ Fargo Village

Terrance Higgins Trust Coventry would like you to join them for a film night at our Fargo Village emporium to watch the acclaimed Dallas Buyers Club as part of their World Aids Day celebrations. Tickets are free, but please let them know if you are unable to attend as there is a waiting list for the event. To book your place please visit the THT website here.

The event will run from 7.30pm – 10.30pm, with the film to start at 8pm.

aids ribbon

This World AIDS Day, we’re asking people to “wear it” – encouraging people to wear their red ribbon and stand together in solidarity for a world where HIV stigma is a thing of the past.

Fighting stigma is one of Terrence Higgins Trust’s priorities. Stigma leaves people isolated and ostracised. This World AIDS Day is a chance to wear our red ribbons to show we are challenging stigma and to invite our friends, family and colleagues to do the same.


About Dallas Buyers Clubdbc

Ron Woodroof was born in 1950, becoming an electrician in adulthood. In 1986, Woodroof was diagnosed with AIDS and given a short time to live. Instead of passively accepting this prognosis, Woodroof researched various medicines and drug combinations and began taking a regime of drugs to stave off the disease. He also began what is now known as the Dallas Buyers Club, through which he sold the drugs to AIDS victims around the world who had no other recourse. In the face of the FDA and other regulators, the Dallas Buyers Club flourished, but Woodroof himself succumbed to the affliction six years after the diagnosis, on September 12th, 1992.


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