November’s Guest Filter Coffee

Each month the team at Urban brings you a new exceptional coffee to try from somewhere around the world.

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Finca San Antonio – El Salvador

Here’s what our roasters at Origin have to say about the farm and the story behind this bean:

‘We first met Carlos Pola, owner of Finca San Antonio, during our sourcing trip to El Salvador in March. Sitting down for lunch in the orange grove near Carlos’ mill he told us about his views on drying coffee and the importance of gentleness: “Always keep the coffee even, never too hot, and don’t rush it, it needs time or it won’t be right.” After lunch we went for a walk up the hill through the coffee trees of Carlos’ farm. Near the slopes of the volcano Santa Ana we walked through the Pacamara fields of Finca San Antonio. The giant red coffee cherries looked incredible – ripe and vibrant – and tasted of sweet currant. It was a hot day in the sun with little breeze to cool us off as we stood talking about the plans Carlos has for the farm. There were hard years here not too long ago. Disease, erratic weather and volcanic eruptions had plagued them but health is coming back to the farm and Carlos is looking forward to the future and the possibilities it holds. Since that day we often talk to Carlos – sharing ideas on processing, picking, coffee brewing and just shooting the breeze like we did under those orange trees.’

How does it taste?IMG_5003

A very mellow and refreshing bean with low acidity and notes of watermelon, black tea, and lime.


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