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September’s Guest Filter Coffee

Filter coffee of the monthEach month the team at Urban bring you a new exceptional coffee to try from somewhere around the world.

Gaikundo, Kenya

This month we introduce Gaikundo from Kenya. Gaikundo is a wet mill located in Mukurweini in Nyeri. The mill was established in 1978 and is now formed of 645 farmers. About 80% of the coffee production in Nyeri is smallholders who deliver their cherries to centralised wet mills for processing.

This lot was grown on fertile, volcanic soils west of Mount Kenya. The ripe coffee cherries were ‘washed’ processed; the cherries were de-pulped to remove the fruit, fermented in water tanks to remove the mucilage (sticky substance covering the bean) and washed in fresh water. The washed coffee beans were then sun-dried on African beds for one to two weeks.

How does it taste?

Try this coffee as a V60 and it offers a warm & spicy aroma, a short and complex cup with notes of green grape, apricot & tropical fruit. A juicy mouthfeel.

Try it via Aeropress and you get a sweeter, fruitier aroma. A more acidic, piquant cup that remains complex but with a much complex end.

What do customers think?

We asked regular Jeremy his thoughts on the Gaikundo “Very juicy but delicate. Recent Urban Kenya coffees have been very citruses but this is much more sweet, with a lingering aftertaste which is almost reminiscent of strawberries and cream.”

Jeremy Walker, Coffee






Processing: Washed
Producer: Around 645 smallholders
Region: Nyeri
Elevation: 1,700-1,800 masl

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