Imagine Hillfields – Film Night @ #FV

In connection with their current exhibition exploring the regeneration in Hillfields, our Fargo Village emporium is hosting a screening of three short factual films detailing life in the area.

Imagine Hillfields Film Flyer

Film 1 – ‘A City Reborn’ – 1945

Scripted by poet Dylan Thomas, this affecting docu-drama recalls the incendiary bombing of Coventry on 14 November 1940. The film focusses on reconstruction and morale: we see the city’s rebirth through the eyes of a young local couple planning for their future, and an engineer interested in the new housing drive.

Film 2 – ‘Learning for Leisure’ – 1973September-1973

This BBC Education documentary follows the community development work of Paul Skelton, Mel Cairns and Richard ‘Slim’ Hallett as they help the HRS Residents Association (Hartlepool, Redcar and Stockton Roads) have their area of Hillfields declared a General Improvement Area rather than a clearance area.

Film 3 – ‘A Coventry Kid Am I’ – 1981

Filmed by Peter Gordon in 1979 this BBC Everyman film focuses on Coventry forty years after the war and their much vaunted rise from the ashes of the Blitz.

The screenings begin at 4pm on Friday 21st August, see you there!

Urban Emporiums | 30 Church Street, Birmingham, B3 2NP