July’s Guest Filter Coffee

For this month’s guest filter we are leaving the mountains of South America and moving north to the farms of Emma Munoz & Daughters located in the Central American country of Guatamala and their wonderful washed offering Finca Las Illusiones.

The Finca Las Illusiones farm is located in the remote region of Huehuetenango at 1,200–1,500 masl (metres above sea level) and is ran by Emma Munoz. Emma is the wife of the late coffee visionary Mariano Castillo, and along with her three daughters runs the farm, which itself covers an area of 72 hectares. For this washed coffee the cherries are cleaned at the farm’s mill and then dried on patios. The microclimate caused by the region’s dry and hot winds allows for a very uniform maturation time of the cherries and protects them against frost.

Finca Las Illusiones offers a complex, sweet and juicy cup. The aromas are spicy and fruity. As a filter coffee expect notes of green apple, peach and white rum sweetness with a lemon and mango acidity and a juicy body.

Pop along to any of our emporiums now to try it out!

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