‘What is it to be human?’ Exhibition @ Fargo

sprue or injection moulding of toy on white background; Shutterstock ID 261225305

The more perceptive amongst you may have noticed a slight change in decor in our Fargo Village emporium over the last two weeks. Giant children’s building blocks. A wire woman. Not to mention some rather fine paintings, illustration and photography.

Sputnik is delighted to partner with Urban Coffee for our third exhibition. For the last two years, the Birmingham based art collective have exhibited in the Birmingham branches, this time around they’ve teamed up with Creative Arts Network and come to Coventry!

This exhibition is part of an open submission art project that we’ve been running since January. We set the question  ‘what is it to be human?’ to any visual artists, writers or musicians who were out there, then sat back to see what they came up with. The exhibition that is now up at Fargo Village is precisely that!

If you’re also interested in the music (an eclectic mix ranging from piano ballads to glitchy electro-funk to space rap) or the writing (poems and short stories), you can pick up the postcard pack, the CD album and printed anthology for a mere £10. The full project is also online here.

We’d love you to get involved, so drop in, pick up a beer mat and write or draw your own response to the question for all to see.

The exhibition will be running until Sunday 21st June. For more details about the organisers, visit their website here or follow them on twitter- @sputnikmagazine and @creativartsnet.


Urban Emporiums | 30 Church Street, Birmingham, B3 2NP