April’s Guest Filter Coffee

Photo 19-11-2013 17 11 51For this month’s guest filter coffee we’re moving to South America with a Finca El Cucho from Colombia.

From the Narino department in the southern Andes mountain range in south-west Colombia, this Cup of Excellence selected coffee was grown on Finca El Cucho by Emilio Bastidas Yela.

Emilio was introduced to coffee cultivation as a ten-year-old boy when his family moved to a coffee farm in Chinchal. When Emilio turned 22 he was given a small parcel of land by his father to grow his own crop and in a short period of time his success in coffee farming allowed him to buy more and more parcels to build El Cucho. Emilio set to work honing his craft and developing the quality of his crop, creating new varieties and new pruning techniques. All of which have led to a spectacular cup of coffee!

This year marks Emilio’s first year competing in Cup of Excellence where he has achieved 21st place in Colombia. C.O.E was established as an organisation to reward excellence in coffee cultivation. Local and international judges blindly assess hundreds of coffees rating them using an internationally agreed metric. High rankings like Emilio’s can give a farmer the exposure to buyers and coffee drinkers that make a real difference to the farm.

It’s a clean cup with a round silky body with notes of sweet wild berries and delicate rosehip. Pop into any of our emporiums now to try it either as a V60 or Aeropress!

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