New Beers @ #CS!

Spring is very nearly here and we’ve done a bit of spring cleaning here at CS! A fresh lovely range of bottled bevvies to rev up your taste buds!!

unnamedWe are more than pleased to have Vedett IPA in the chiller, along with the rest of the range Extra White and Extra Blonde! The inventors of Indian Pale Ale may have originally added extra hops to help it survive the long voyage to India, but Vedett just do it for the taste! Every drop as thirst-quenching as the last, Vedett IPA offers an explosion of flavoursome bitterness that increases with intensity towards the finish, tempered by an unparalleled velvety smoothness resulting in a very accessible taste. Fresh, fruity and floral notes give way to touches of caramel sweetness, while its superb, lingering aftertaste continues to tantalise the tastebuds long after.

Another bostin’ arrival is ‘The Full Nelson’! This ‘Maori Pale Ale’ came together after months of experimentation with a very unique hop – Nelson Sauvin from New Zealand. Strong grape flavours are complemented by the sweet Munich malt, making this beer crisp and refreshing.

So if you’re after a post-work beverage or are just stopping by, pop in try these beauts.

Urban Emporiums | 30 Church Street, Birmingham, B3 2NP