March’s Guest Filter Coffee

photo 2For this month’s guest filter we are staying in Central Africa with a fully washed Suke Quto from Ethiopia.

The Suke Quto farm is located in the Oromia region of Ethiopia at 1,800–2,200 masl (metres above sea level). For this washed coffee the cherries are cleaned in spring water and then de-pulped. The coffee beans are placed in fermentation tanks for 36-72 hours (depending on the weather conditions) to remove the mucilage and dried on raised African beds for 9-13 days.

Suke Quto offers a stunning sensory experience. The aromas are of punchy lemon verbena and juniper.

Brewed as espresso those notes evolve to deliver big intense mandarin orange flavours with delicate black grape, ripe deep plum and a medium round body. As a filter coffee expect notes of sweet orange, vibrant bergamot tea, and juicy plum with a clean finish and medium body.

We are launching Monday 2nd March so pop along to any of our emporiums to try it out!

Urban Emporiums | 30 Church Street, Birmingham, B3 2NP