February’s Guest Filter Coffee

photo 2Here at Urban we like to keep things fresh and exciting with your filter beans as well as always using the best of what’s in season.

This February we are getting in a great guest filter: a fully washed Rwanda Bitinze provided for us by our great friends at Origin Coffee Roasters.

Located in the rugged North West of Rwanda, this coffee comes from the Ruli washing station, one of three owned by the Musasa Dukundekawa Cooperative.

The cooperative built the Ruli washing station in 2003 with a government development loan and support of the USAID-financed PEARL project. This programme transformed the country’s approach to coffee production, with a focus towards quality, opening it up to the more lucrative speciality coffee market. A move which has been invaluable in helping small-scale farmers rebuild their production in the aftermath of the country’s devastating atrocities. 2,100 small-scale producers now form the cooperative, most of which own less than a quarter of a hectare of land. The cooperative is renowned for producing some outstanding lots, with the level of care taken over processing being impressive. Dukundekawa does, after all, mean ‘let’s love coffee’.

This coffee is processed as Fully Washed. The fruit is removed from the beans in wet fermentation tanks, then moved to pre-drying tables for intensive sorting. Next they are moved onto drying tables where they are regularly turned and protected from rain and the midday sun.

It’s a clean and beautifully balanced cup with notes of lemongrass, ripe honeydew melon and apricot. We’re launching it on the 2nd of February so come on down to your nearest emporium to try!

Urban Emporiums | 30 Church Street, Birmingham, B3 2NP