Painty at Harborne! Pop up painting for everyone!

Top Pic PaintlyPAINTY – Pop Up Art
 brings people together for a fun night of drinks and a simple guided tutorial by a professional artist on how to recreate a work of art. It’s a great night out, and a unique idea for a date! Their events cater to those who have little to no painting experience, so there’s no reason for anyone to be shy! And, they are on the way to us in HB

“As most artists do, I struggled to find a career that allowed me to express myself, until I learned that with your favourite tipple, everyone enjoys painting just as much as I do.” says Craig Gilman, Painty’s founder, “I love teaching art and people have fun learning, that’s why I’ve been really excited since our company’s launch in April this year. It’s going to be a colourful 2014!”

Painty event, in a nutshell:
It’s best to check in about 30 minutes before the event begins, that way you can then get yourself a drink and mingle with the other painters. Once you take your seat, Craig will walk you through using your painting tools and then break down the evening’s picture into simple steps that you can follow. The canvas is yours; you can choose to experiment with it or replicate the steps shown – you’re the artist and we’ll provide the inspiration!

“Awesome evening! I am not a talented artist, to which my finished canvas is aBot Pic Painty testament, but the process was massive fun. I thought the Painty guys balanced helpful and relaxed perfectly, always there when you needed but not overbearing. I was really impressed that we were painting on canvases with brand new brushes and I would definitely fancy a longer session with them.” – Tom W.

Come join us at Harborne! on Wednesday 15th October from 6pm!

Urban Emporiums | 30 Church Street, Birmingham, B3 2NP