Peroni now on tap at #CS

We have a very welcome new addition to our product list at our flagship emporium on peroniChurch St and we are happy to announce it comes just in time for our Birthday weekend!

As many of our regulars will know, we already have a great bottled beer and wine list, however, we are really excited to be selling Peroni on tap as well now! We thought it was about time we gave you the chance to have a pint at Live Music Friday or another one of our great events!!

What’s more, if you fancy a half with a sandwich at lunch you don’t have to drag your caffeine loving colleagues to a noisy pub because, well, we’ve got your back, and your colleagues have still got the chance of  getting themselves a cup of the best coffee this side of the moon.

So, as the weekend approaches why not come and challenge Beth and the team to pull the perfect pint!

Urban Emporiums | 30 Church Street, Birmingham, B3 2NP