Urban Welcomes Sputnik Magazine for a 2nd Year!


This summer, SputnikMagazine.co.uk and yours truly are joining forces to bring you the Kingdom Project. 

#JQ regulars may remember Sputnik’s successful ‘What Are You Waiting For?’Exhibition last year and building on that, they now want to get you thinking about possible utopias, authority relationships, cultural assumptions and spiritual power structures while you sip your espressos.

They’ve asked a whole load of artists to respond to the word ‘kingdom’ and would like you to get involved and imagine what your perfect kingdom would look like.

Sputnik is a Birmingham based art collective that aims to start conversations about the big questions of life through art. The collective consists of 50 or so artists from different artistic disciplines (visual art, music, story telling, creative writing, etc.), but what ties them all together is their Christian faith. Whether the audience agree or disagree with the worldview lying behind the works, such a unity of thought, combined with a diversity of practice, means that every Sputnik event provides not just a question to ponder, but also a set of answers to engage with as we all seek to respond to life’s ultimate questions.

The Kingdom Project will run throughout August. It will consist of a gallery of visual artwork which will be spread between the 3 Urban Coffee emporiums as well as a gallery launch event on Friday 1st August. Examples of the work will be for sale throughout the exhibition- in the form of postcard packs and CD albums.


Urban Emporiums | 30 Church Street, Birmingham, B3 2NP