July’s Live Music Friday #CS

Can you believe it’s midway through summer and typically the weather is turning out to be really quite unpredictable! So, in order to help us ease your pain of wasted beach bodies and rainy festivals we’re bringing you Keaneshaped for this July’s #LMF!

LMFA talented piano band with roots in the musical styles of Keane, Keaneshaped will be bringing their musical stylings to Church Street this Friday. But don’t think this is some everyday tribute band, Keaneshaped are exceptional in their adaptations of covers and will be performing their own gemstones too. We were so impressed by their song samples we decided to give them a full two hours to perform! That’s how confident we are that you guys are going to LOVE this #LMF!

We’ll see you this Friday for a coffee, or an alcoholic indulgence (It is Fizz Friday after all where a bottle of Prosecco is yours for only £15!) and chilling on the sofas upstairs whilst Keaneshaped wow you to the moon and back from 7pm.

Urban Emporiums | 30 Church Street, Birmingham, B3 2NP