Our Han’s Travels!

Much to the staff’s dismay (yeah right…!) Hannah, the M.D. had almost a month off to go travelling-it’s a hard life, eh?! However, she did manage to take some time reviewing some amazing coffee shops whilst she was away, so here’s what she discovered!

photo (2)Han’s first stop was in Melbourne and she had high expectations for this city as its reputation for being big on coffee and brunch had preceded her visit. Luckily, it more than lived up to its hype as Han ploughed her way through many brunches and incredible cups of coffee! Her favourite was in South Yarra, called ‘Picnic’,¬†with a laid back vibe (as you would expect from the Aussies!) and an avocado smash with¬†smoked salmon and pesto brunch to die for. Watch this space as you may be seeing a few more avocado based dishes on our menu at the #JQ this summer!

Perth was next for Han which proved to be another great city of coffee. Fremantle, just outside of Perth was a fantastic old town with beautiful architecture and more great cafe’s dotted about. However, the best cup of coffee was to be had in the city centre itself, in a small shopping arcade by a company called ‘Llama Espresso’. Great service, no fuss, just a fantastic tasting espresso with a very cute take away cup logo!

The surprise for Han whilst she was away turned out to be Chiang Mai. Having read that Chiang Mai was great for coffee, she was aware there was a coffee scene there, but just photo (3)how good it would be she had very much underestimated. The coffee plantation in Chiang Mai is just 2 hours outside of the city, however no tuk tuk or taxi driver was willing to take her up there due to the roads being too treacherous-now that’s saying something considering some of the roads they deem to be safe! Luckily though, there were plenty of coffee shops around the city that served both their home grown coffee as well as more adventurous ones. The best that Han came across was Ristr8to, where Australian and Thailand Latte Art Competition winners reside. Their signature blend of Ethiopian, PNG and Brazilian beans had an amazing strong body with a good hit of sweetness that Han loves. She’s even brought a bag back with her and potentially may share it with some of the Urbanistas, but only if they’re very very good ;)

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