The Moody Food Coffee Club Diet

unnamedInstead of self-loathing and banning foods to lose weight, why not try a gentler option, a much more effective option that doesn’t make you grimace every time you open the fridge? With the Moody Food Club it’s YOU that’s the focus: no scales, no public weigh-ins, no calorie restrictions and no microwavable diet food.

A ten week programme that aims to achieve long term changes in your food life the Moody Food journey focuses on helping you understand what role food plays in your life. Ranging from how food was used in your childhood to how you react to the thought of certain foods before you even taste it, The Moody Food Coffee Club’s goal is to really help you get to grips on what food really means to you.  And in doing so help you achieve exceptional control over your dietary habits instead of just limiting what you munch.

A much healthier alternative to other mass diet groups The Moody Food Club helps you turn ‘chocolate into onions’ by retracing ‘food-steps’ to help understand how food became so powerful, and how to differentiate between ‘needing’ food and ‘wanting’ for food.

The best part though? The ‘So what?’ approach. Instead of making you feel guilty and battering you with criticism for so much as thinking of a chocolate bar, The Moody Food Club asks ‘So what?’ What did eating it mean for you? Why did you eat it? Did it achieve the purpose you wanted? What do you plan to do now?

With ten workshops meeting every Tuesday at 6pm at Church St, focusing on in-depth looks into what food does for you, why you approach it the way you do and all with a nurturing and friendly atmosphere without so much as a hint of judgement, The Moody Food Coffee Club Diet will help spark more revelations than an onion has skins.

To book a place, contact Sian or Claire here.

Urban Emporiums | 30 Church Street, Birmingham, B3 2NP