Getting Festive!

Xmas Church St

We’re not the types to rush in to Christmas here at Urban Coffee Company. You know, decorations up and Mariah Carey belting out as soon as you’ve brought the paddling pool in!

BUT, once we’ve passed the socially acceptable date (which as far as we are concerned is December the 1st ) it’s all a jingle-belling-go!!

Our little elves in the kitchen have been working away in the background to get ready some delicious festive treats which are ready for you TODAY with new Toasties and Sandwiches (dear lord, the Stilton, Caramelised Leek and Chestnut Toastie is to die for, as is the new Duck and Orange Pate Sarnie to be quite honest! ). And it ain’t just savoury. Oh no. We’ve been pushing our baker to the festive limit with New Chocolate Fruit Christmas Cupcakes, Luxurious Red Velvet Cakes and other delicious goodies.

This weekend our lovely teams have been in decking the halls, – check out Church St’s baubles- and so now Urban Coffee is pleased to Announce “It’s Chrrriiisssstttmasssssss!!!!!!!

If you’d like to get in to the festive spirit with Urban Coffee Company, why not join us for our big Christmas shindig at Church St on Saturday the 14th! There are even mince pies and prosecco for the first people through the door!



Urban Emporiums | 30 Church Street, Birmingham, B3 2NP