The beautiful world of oats!


We’ve always known that porridge fills an empty stomach on a cold morning and, despite it being May there seems to be very little let up in those cold mornings yet. However, did you know that there’s far more to porridge than meets the eye?  In a world of exotic super foods like quinoa and goyi berries, it’s easy to overlook the home-grown, simple and humble oat. Good for the heart and libido, oats lower blood pressure, absorb toxins, clean up artery walls and release the testosterone that governs the sexual drive in men and women (ahem…)

Alex, (ever working to keep our lovely customers in tip top condition) must have known all this when he started to put together a couple of the new dishes on the Jewellery Quarter menu being launched next Tuesday. We have Espresso Porridge with a single shot of  espresso and burnt brown sugar £3.50 (v) or the rather elegant Forest Fruits Porridge with slow-cooked seasonal fruits and edible flowers £3.60 (v).

Now that really is oatally awesome, don’t you agree?


Urban Emporiums | 30 Church Street, Birmingham, B3 2NP