Inclusion Infusion: New Art Work at JQ


They are usually found working in a dark laboratory in the basement under the School of Jewellery, but the second year HND Gemmology students are braving the sunlight by putting together this vibrant collection of  mainly photomicrography imagines of the hidden world of microscopic gemstone inclusions.

In this colourful display currently on show here at our Jewelery Quarter Emporium,  the complex but wonderfully unusual features of nature’s work  that are usually kept a secret from our unaided eye, are magnified and brought into view . 


This captivating display of natural wonders is both fascinating and educating, and without the passion of the students highlighting this hidden world of gemstones, they would otherwise have been swept under our eyes and gone unnoticed.

The exhibition is running until the 31st of May. 

Urban Emporiums | 30 Church Street, Birmingham, B3 2NP