Counting Down to Live Music Friday!

Well lovely people, who knows where the time goes? Yet here we are staring the start of another month in the eye and it’s looking back at us and shouting “LIVE MUSIC FRIDAY!” This month, there’s an Elephant in the Emporium…

Well, of course there’s no real elephant but there is a band who one day might be as big as one! This month we have the beautiful and very talented Boxing Elephants coming to play!

Boxing Elephants are all about the youthful vocals provided by Hannah Mcnally. What started out as a small recording project formed a songwriting partnership which just keeps growing. This Live Music Friday is also the EP launch for this great band so get down here to support them!

We’ll have all  our usual great drinks offers, fabulous atmosphere and  of course our regular Ghost Stories from 6.30pm from the wonderful guys at Midland Discovery Tours before the live music starts.

Urban Emporiums | 30 Church Street, Birmingham, B3 2NP