April’s Coffee Connoisseurs’

UCC_Coffee_bags-150x150It’s April, but we’re no fools. And nor are those who are going to enjoy our Coffee Connoisseurs’ package this month. As ever we have two great coffees to offer you for your enjoyment at home, at work, or wherever you like. This month the continents of Africa and Asia are represented by beans from Kenya and India.

The Kenyan is bursting with bright acidity. Citrus and berry notes tingle the senses & you will also be able to savour a dry, winey after taste. Kenya is famous for its single origin’s and this is one to savour.This is Kenya’s premium grade of coffee and is grown in the high altitudes of Kenya’s highlands and along the Mount Kenya region. Here, the ripe berries are handpicked twice a year with the main picking season running from October to the end of the year, while the second and smaller harvesting season runs from June to early August.

Each coffee lot produced in Kenya undergoes a grading system where the coffee beans are rigorously tested for quality and then sorted intoCoffee-berries various grades depending on size, weight and shape. The grade sizes, ranging in order from the largest to the smallest, are AA, AB, PB, C, E, TT and T. To be classified as AA the screen size must be at least 7.2mm

The second coffee on offer comes from India and has undergone a ‘monsooning’ process. This is a process by which the harvested coffee beans are exposed to the winds and rains for approximately three to four months. This has the effect of reducing the coffee’s acidity to near pH neutral, and directing the taste towards an accentuated body as opposed to highlighting the bean’s sweetness. The process is designed to mimic the effects of maritime transport from years ago, when the bags of produce would have been subjected to the weather systems and conditions of life upon the open sea whilst it made its way from the Asian subcontinent to the West.

Indian coffees, like their Indonesian and other South East Asian counterparts, tend towards a more full bodied taste. Thus, a dark roast is generally preferred to further highlight this natural tendency. Coffee production in India is predominantly from the Southern Indian states, and from where, the majority of the produce is shipped to mainland Europe where the dark, bold taste profile is very popular amongst consumers.

We hope you enjoy the coffees we have for you this month. For more information remember to check the Coffee Connoisseurs page on our website.


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