February’s Coffee Connoisseurs

“…except February, alone. It has 28 days clear, and 29 in each Leap Year”.

February doesn’t have to be alone. Please folks. Reach out. Accompany it with a great coffee from Urban. Those who have subscribed to our Coffee Connoisseurs package have already done this and here’s what they’ll be enjoying this fine, if not slightly truncated month.

cafetiereIn the blue corner we have the fantastically citric Costa Rica La Laguna. La Laguna Estate is in the Tres Rios region and is a single estate grown coffee. The beans are processed at the end of the season and dried on the sun drenched terraces. The Tres Rios region is renowned for producing some of the highest grades of coffee in the country. It’s indicators are ‘high fine acidity’, ‘very good body’ and ‘very good aroma’. A real zingy fruitiness is to be found in this cup. If made right you can almost perceive a ‘fizz’. That initial tingle should then give way to a nutty finish. Don’t expect a big, full-bodied taste with this one. We would encourage you to try this without milk at first.

Aaaaaaaand in the red corner, the Brazilian Cerrado Minas Gerais (Pulped Natural). Brazil 1334075556749is instantly the most recognisable name in coffee as it is the largest coffee producing nation in the world. Coffee plantations cover about 10,000 sq mi. of the country; of the approximately six billion trees, 74% are arabica and 26% robusta. The states São Paulo, Minas Gerais and Paraná are the largest producers due to suitable landscapes, climate and rich soil. Most plantations are harvested in the dry seasons of June through September. The ‘pulped natural’ coffee is a method of drying the coffee before it has been properly ‘washed’ which imparts deep characteristics into the coffee seed.  Indicative of most ‘natural process’ coffees, this Brazilian presents a bold sweetness of juicy red fruits. This is combined with a chocolatey body that carries nicely once the sweet punch of the first sip has faded. This coffee is well balanced in sweetness and body, and is not so light that it won’t withstand a dash of milk if you desire.

So there we have it. Another month, another great pair of coffees for you to try. Drink it quick! With so few days, next month’s will be here faster than you may expect.

Si – Head Barista

Urban Emporiums | 30 Church Street, Birmingham, B3 2NP