January’s Live Music Friday

This month’s Live Music Friday (or LMF if you will…) on Friday 11th Jan, is from a ‘Quirky’ acoustic band called ‘Ethemia’, consisting of singer/songwriters Michaela Mott & Berny Poulton and they have performed in Birmingham many times and love the welcoming response of Birmingham City.

Ethemia_1Michaela & Berny had already proven themselves as solo
singer/songwriters, but when they came together as acoustic duo Ethemia
something ‘magical’ happened. Ethemia was born in July 2011 and their first year
saw them independently produce and release their debut album ‘Quirk of Fate’ ~
available on Cd, iTunes, Amazon and from many other stores.

Within a short time of the album’s release they had been invited on three regional
radio stations, a TV station, and ‘BBC Introducing’. As well as performing live
on these radio shows, the stations have continued to broadcast their songs. Several
transmissions found their music going out to the United States, which has gained them
a growing fanbase across several states. Their intense chemistry and humorous banter
prompted DJ Paul Farrar of Stroud FM to offer them a regular two monthly spot
on his popular Saturday radio show. Their songs have also been featured on Coral
Rose radio, Covent Garden Radio, Acoustic Spectrum Radio, Radio Basingstoke and
International Radio.


The intense nature of their relationship and their strong individual and combined
performances, have had them likened to The Civil Wars, Robert Plant & Stevie
Nicks and Fleetwood Mac. As well as being natural performers, Berny and Michaela
are prolific songwriters. They each have a unique vocal style that carries straight to
the heart conveying their songs passionately and with deep emotion. They are both
charismatic on and off the stage and as solo acts would have plenty to offer, but
together they have been branded as ‘The dynamic harmony duo with enough talent
and energy to power a country.’

Their debut album, ‘Quirk of Fate’ has been described as heartfelt, diverse and
insightful. They have already started work on their 2nd album ‘Pure Intention’ and
their passion for performing saw the duo headline and host an ‘Acoustic Festival
of Original Music’, as well as clock up over 100 gigs at the end of their first
year. Venues have ranged from intimate & unplugged, to festivals both new and

Recognition for Ethemia;

“Ethemia… saw them live at a special, intimate gig. They were absolutely amazing!
Incredible! Very rarely do I listen to something and feel like I want to cry, but their
whole set was so emotional… (Album: Quirk of Fate) Going down perhaps as one of
my albums so far this year.”
Paul Moss, BBC Introducing

“Their music and chemistry is a magical thing to behold, with lush
vocal harmonies and spellbinding melodies.”
The Prom, Bristol

“A strong combination, echoing the partnerships
of Lennon & McCartney and Simon & Garfunkel.”
Tom Martin, Tower of Song

“You heard Ethemia here first on Swindon 105.5 Fm… Radio 1 next.”
Malcolm Wood, Late Gig Show

See you Friday, 11th January from 7pm and don’t forget to try out our new beer and wine menu ;)

Urban Emporiums | 30 Church Street, Birmingham, B3 2NP