January’s Coffee Connoisseurs

The turn of the year can be like the dawn of a new week, sluggish and bleary eyed. Or it can be a refreshing restart to a tired system. Either way, we always advise that you accompany it with a pair of great single estate coffees… Oh wait, what’s that? We have exactly that for you in our Coffee Connoisseurs subscription package? Well I never. This month we have an Indonesian and a Colombian for you to enjoy at home, at work, or wherever takes your fancy.

fiartradeThe Indonesian coffee is named after the figurehead of the cooperative from which it was harvested. The delightfully named, ‘Madam Popa’. She is the face and the voice of the group, fighting for financial fairness and appropriate treatment of staff. Today, more than 90% of Indonesia’s coffee is grown by smallholders on farms averaging one hectare or less. Much of the production is organic and 19 farmers’ cooperatives and exporters are internationally certified to market organic coffee. Dark, smooth and full bodied. This coffee embodies the idiosyncrasies you might expect from a South-East Asian coffee. It is great with milk or without. Don’t look for sweetness or acidity in the cup. Instead, expect a rich and well-rounded flavour.

cafetiereThe Colombian coffee provides a delightful foil to our first. This coffee is an excellent drink to go for if you are inexperienced in coffee, or you want to well balanced, flavour full drink to start from. Not to say, of course, that the seasoned coffee drinker won’t also be satisfied with this coffee’s balance between body and soft, red fruit-esque sweetness. Look also for a slightly dry finish to the cup. Colombia is a nation synonymous with coffee production. It perhaps surprising to some to know that coffee, the plant, is not indigenous to Colombia and is originally an import. Colombians have been involved in the coffee industry since 1730. The western part of the country includes a large portion of the Andes Mountains, which is contrasted by the Amazon rainforest and Caribbean Sea in the North and East. This biodiversity not only facilitates a wide range of wildlife, but it also produces a wide range of coffee ‘varietals’. The selection of coffee in Colombia, in combination with a rich heritage of coffee growing, has helped it earn its rank as the third largest coffee exporter in the world.

Whether you start the year with a BANG or a whimper, start it with a great coffee.

Si – Head Barista #JQ

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