It’s Our Birthday!

Our beautiful Jewellery Quarter Emporium celebrates it’s second birthday on Monday 10th December! After the city centre gave our Church Street Emporium the big thumbs up we thought we’d treat the Jewellery Quarter to our unique combination of personalised service and top quality coffee, with an extra twist… Since opening nearly two years ago our kitchen has given us the opportunity to create some yummy food to serve alongside our lovingly prepared coffee and brunch is now part of the staple Jewellery Quarter diet!

We are lucky enough to be able to host an extremely popular supper and film night every month during the dark winter evenings, we have hosted baby showers, entrepreneur meet ups, co-working events, live music and are inundated with requests to display art from the local area. We are always ready to cater for your events too and recently fed over 150 people for the BBC!

We feel very at home here and have been welcomed with open arms by local residents and business so to say a big thank you and to celebrate our birthday, Lauren, our community manager, is going to be handing out free mini cupcakes & 20% off brunch vouchers courtesy of our cup cake makers, Frost and Snow, to all local businesses and passers by from 11am on Monday 10th December. Please feel free to come and celebrate with us!!

Urban Emporiums | 30 Church Street, Birmingham, B3 2NP